Who we are?

H.A.N.A is a nonprofit Albanian organization whose purpose is to educate the Albanian society on the importance of community pro-active participation on public matters and decision-making, inevitably resulting in communities’ development and social change/progress. Our organization will follow up on this goal by subsequently nurturing partnerships with public structures, civil society, community members and international stakeholders, thus ensuring effective interaction among the four.

Our vision

is a society with transformed mindsets, fulfilled human potential and pro-active attitudes towards social, economic and political injustice.

Our mission

is to serve as a liaison of communities’ potential, especially youth, and their chances for development through innovative ways that encourage meaningful participation in the social, economic and political life of the society.








H.A.N.A History

When passion for social progress meets strong will and equal minded people, a vision for change is born and set in motion. The foundations of H.A.N.A are based on the very premise of CHANGING COMMUNITIES- in mind, heart and attitudes, for the sake of fulfilling potential in people and providing tools for empowerment. H.A.N.A origins are merely a transition from restless individual efforts to transform non-progressive culture and mentalities into a structured approach, expanding impact and influence.

Ours is an irreconcilable stance towards the exhibition of collective indifference and passivity regarding the common wellbeing of our fellow Albanians and we will design keen interventions accordingly with the aim of alleviating and reducing consequences of such behavior for the Albanian society.

Our ultimate goal is beyond ambitious, we know; trying wholeheartedly and ethically is all that matters in the long run!

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