Info Session: Getting to know Europass

During this weekend we worked  in  small groups  with youth to build their professional image through a CV, Letter of interest, Letter of Recommendation, analyze strength and weaknesses, professional image etc. Youth explored the importance of Europass and together we challenged the so far opinion that Europass is merely a word document that could be edited when in fact is entirely the opposite; it’s an online work that once done correctly can have plenty of benefits for a decent presentation in combination with the entire European Youth Passport as the EU mechanism for a common professional introduction of its citizens within all European professional and academic circles. Beneficiary youth of the project have now established their professional presentation portfolio containing a EUROPASS CV, Cover Letter, Letter of Recommendation and a professional photograph that will introduce them in the Pool of Talents and Lezha; Online Platform for Youth Development and to their university, internships and job applications/allocations.

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