Launching event – ‘Y.E.S – A Call for Action”

On February 6th was held the project-launching event. The event aimed to inform Lezha’s main stakeholders about project’s mission and objectives, including long-term opportunities that this project presents for youth of Lezha. The participants were introduced with the two main objectives of this project:
1. Raise opportunities for proactive youth participation through research and labor market assessment
2. Collaboration in order to strengthen the infrastructure for youth development by integrating inter-institutional work through joint actions of coordination and contribution to young people

The panel composed of our official partners: Mr. Enver Hafizi (V/Mayor of Lezha Municipality), Mr. Luan Dalipi (V/ Director of RED) and Mrs. Marte Fetaj (Representative of DRSSD), shared their support and enthusiasm about this project and invited all the participants, especially local stakeholders and the potential employers to be supportive and to prioritize the needs of youth. The Vice/Mayor also said: ‘This project came in the right moment because right now we are living in a time when all the youth seek to leave Lezha, not only for going in bigger cities but also going abroad. We need to empower and offer them opportunities in order to encourage them to stay.’

In overall the project was enthusiastically welcomed the project and expressed their wish and interest to further cooperate with H.A.N.A.;vtfWH7Pv39F3uf52eMz3gBUxkqkg~-~-.bps.a.598159917279199/598161127279078/?type=3&theater

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