Open Forum: Is Immigration the Solution?

On February 9th was held the open forum: Is immigration the solution?

The need to discuss immigration came because of the tendencies that young people have had in recent years to leave Albania. To discuss this phenomenon were invited 4 public figures who, despite having lived and working abroad, have chosen to return so they could contribute to the development of their country.

Vitmar Basha, art representative, Altin Prenga entrepreneur and innovator, Klementina Shahini and Bardh Dedgjonaj education representatives have been the Guest Speakers who have shared their experiences with the participants. They invited youths and citizens attending the forum, to explore the opportunities that their country has to offer.

Among other things, Altin Prenga said: ‘Making your dream come true it’s not impossible. Of course, it is difficult, but it’s not impossible. We all should keep this in mind. We need to have a clear vision of what we want to do and start working for it. It requires a lot of work, energy and what is more important faith in order to reach your goals, but working hard and passionately never failed anyone. It’s easy to run from difficulties hoping that elsewhere will be better, but once you face life in emigration you understand one thing: ‘It will not be easier there either’. The satisfaction that you get from working and investing in your own home can’t be compared with anything else.’;YqdHyadlBxfFiaXE0sutID~;~;MOAkVZw5WJKaZ1re5MOJ4xVwiLMu7~_j3zstT9PvE8sSf3syXj~;j0onF~_1Ri22KP1df5p7U~;Hlzeu89fh1c7Px2~;zgLtP5uvzRRat7QOZfn44pfk4v5DOZ7uXcOsrbg~;T2fP6ifY~_wOFq~;u2jNvvdvdlf3v7c~_4Bun8L0XYyYvPz01PduT3h2~;qzr3~;kyLp~;3vZJ3z0Z~;~;0FmX9c~;MqVxmw~-~-.bps.a.601291973632660/601292586965932/?type=3&theater

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