Training Session: Effective communication techniques in personal and professional life

On February 15th was held the first training session: Effective communication techniques in personal and professional life. This session was facilitated by two well-known and professional journalist in Albania, Aleksander Cipa and Jerida Sakaj.

 Some of the main topics discussed were:

  • The main types of communication
  • Elements of Informal and Formal Communication
  • A list of best practices and key strategies for effective communication
  • Effective communication in a job interview and work environment
  • Managing difficult / conflicting situations through modification of attitude
  • Strategy for eliminating barriers of communication
  • Demonstrations through role-plays

Among all the topics, Aleksander Cipa gave a specific attention to the evolution of communication over centuries in Albania, the way that we have culturally adapted through years. We discussed how important communication is as a tool that helps shape a country’ history, culture and identity.

We talked about respect as the essential element of successful communication, which comes naturally if we listen actively, not thinking what we want to say while the other speaks, but actually listening and taking the time for the answer we want to we give.

Meanwhile, Jerida Sakaj engaged actively all participants, through role-plays and games that aimed to teach youth, practical skills and knowledge related with job interviews and strengthening relationships within working environment.


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