sustainable pillars for development

Through these basic intervention models, H.A.N.A works directly to develop human potential under the conviction that each investment done will then be multiplied back to society in the shape of positive models that incite mindset changes.

1- Mentor Me to Success

We facilitate the process of initial labor market introduction for young graduates so as the mandatory university transition internship is transformed into a meaningful and valid experience.  


H.A.N.A firmly believes that an important source of youth’s motivation for significant contribution in the society comes from fair chances of employment. The first contact with the workplace for the majority of young graduates is the university’s final phase- the internship in institutions relevant to the student’s academic background. 

H.A.N.A has researched and analyzed the contextual factors that influence such a journey for the young graduates, concluding that the experience could be more meaningful and enriching if the host institutions would be more concerned with providing the future professionals with relevant work-related exposure/learning and proper training/assignments/duties without added pressure. In addition, there is an interrupted communication flow between the university and the host institution that leads to a defective feedback-providing process. In a concerning amount of information collected, students report frustration, a sense of futility and discouragement regarding a) their attempts to fit in the new work environment and b) their chances of profession-related agility retention and future employment opportunities.         

H.A.N.A has designed an assisting model to intermediate the internship journey for the students by acting as their internship advocate and representing their best interest with the university and the institution where the student is settled for his/her internship. We facilitate the process of initial contact with the workplace and relieve the pressure from the student to negotiate the best institution to match his/her academic qualification and monitor the journey for a smooth and worthwhile progress.  

H.A.N.A will further its support and dedication to youth increased chances of employment through informal education and vocational courses in partnership with legit structures and institutions.                                                 



2- Good Governance Practices

We are the leading partner of Lezha Municipality to ensure community continuous and active participation in the process of formulating and monitoring the Public Budget 


 H.A.N.A dearly values community involvement in governmental decision-making processes. We are convinced that when the people are part of the policy design, the outcome is a resilient and capable society. As an integral part of the communities of Lezha, H.A.N.A has observed that there is a limited understanding and impaired trust among the people regarding the Municipality’s inclination and integrity to perform a just and efficient budgeting process. Therefore, there is a gap in participation and relationship building to be amended.

H.A.N.A has furthered the dialogue with this institution, thus formalizing an agreement approving our role in promoting and yielding community participation in re-shaping and strengthening democracy principles in the society of Lezha. The formulation of the municipal yearly budget is a key focus of this agreement.  


3-Press play

Albanian realities documented and disseminated for the purpose of scanning phenomena and stirring the society’s reaction 


Social Experimenting is the word; Local Heroes is the starting point.

A social experiment is a research project conducted with human subjects in the real world. It typically investigates the effects of a policy intervention by randomly assigning individuals, families, groups of people to different treatments or to a controlled condition that represents the status quo.  H.A.N.A will explore the benefits of this technique by improvising under the influence and inspiration of the Bystander Apathy effect for a certain category of video production and dissemination. Moreover we will gladly go the extra mile and bring the people’s attention into the massive potential  that our Local Heroes hide.  This way, we hope that the people’s impetus to find new love and pride in their country will surface and serve as a basis for newfound admiration, respect and eagerness to make the mother country better for everyone. In spite of the challenges of living in a developing country, there is also a great potential and inspiring examples of success everywhere. 

We at H.A.N.A, will explore, emphasize and spread the message of success so as it serves as a catalyst for MORE & BETTER. Everyone can be his/her own hero with the right knowledge and mindset. Therefore, we will start a journey of researching for impacting and life-changing local heroes’ stories that lie hidden in the hearts of our communities and share these stories with our targeted groups.  


4-Act Now!

H.A.N.A is not humanitarian organization (focusing on offering material and logistic assistance to individuals affected from humanitarian crisis), but rather a development, empowering and civic educational organization. Hence, our organization will follow up on its primary concern of fulfilling its vision, mission and objectives as initially declared.  


  However, HANA is aware that achieving so requires a certain level of solidarity with our local public and non-public partners who have a professional and ethical mandate to be more responsive and sensitive to humanitarian crisis.

Thus, H.A.N.A commits to offer support to its partners in a case where the development of human potential is irreversibly obstructed by certain crisis unless institutional co-ordinated intervention occurs in time.


H.A.N.A has partners to whom offers support and also other partners that provide us with the necessary means of assistance. Therefore, when H.A.N.A will commit to a certain task to its local partners provided that there is a strong rationale for it, it will need to have full trust and approval from its supporting partners that will be in fact the real benefactors trusting H.A.N.A to channel their humanitarian aid (H.A.N.A donors).



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